2020 OAPPA Annual Conference – Hosted by:

MAY, 2021

University of Ottawa

It seems Covid-19 has as, our conference theme indicates, disrupted in person conferences.  It was eleven months ago when we first heard of Covid-19 and learned of its impact on our campuses, business, and communities.  We delayed the OAPPA 2020 conference until May 2021 for safety reasons however it is now apparent that in-person conferences will not be occurring until everyone is vaccinated.

In Canada vaccinations are not scheduled to concluded until at least September 2021.  The conference team has recommended to the OAPPA Directors that the OAPPA2020 conference be cancelled The OAPPA Directors agree with this decision.

This does not mean that there will not be any opportunities in 2021 for our community to get together virtually.   In fact, the conference team, with our Vice President John Witjes, are working on a plan to have a virtual event this year.

Over the past year many of you have attended virtual events.  If you have attended a great virtual event we would like to hear from you what made it great.  Please send any ideas and suggestions to: Conference@OAPPA.CA .




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Key Note Speaker - May, 2021

Dr. David Wright

Professor David Wright combines an Engineering PhD from Cambridge University with his current position as Full Professor at the University of Ottawa’s Telfer School of Management to provide a business perspective on the Cleantech Industry, currently focusing on solar power. His present research with industry partners evaluates capital cost trends for installed solar projects and identifies situations in which solar technologies can be economically viable without government incentives, including projects in Canada, USA and Saudi Arabia.

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Closing guest speaker - Wednesday May, 2021

Gregory J. Leng

Gregory J. Leng is the creator and Director of the RETScreen Clean Energy Management Software at Natural Resources Canada’s CanmetENERGY research centre in Varennes, Quebec. The RETScreen Software is the world’s leading clean energy decision-support tool and is available in 36 languages coverings 2/3rds the Earth’s population. RETScreen is used by more than 650,000+ energy professionals and decision-makers in every country, as well as by professors at 1,200+ universities and colleges for teaching and research.

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